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Tracy Felix

Tracy is a wife and mother of three children. When her oldest child was born, he was diagnosed with L1CAM syndrome. This included a multitude of other complex medical issues as well as a world of change in their lives. Tracy and her husband had to completely re-evaluate life and had to determine what was truly important. Tracy decided it was best to quit her job and care for her son full-time. Through all of the ups and downs, she feels she has found her true calling through writing. Through her writing, she wants to bring awareness to the challenges that her son faced throughout his short life. She also wants to bring light the great and wonderful love that her son gave to many people and to let other know that regardless of disability, they are not alone.

Tracy invites you to enjoy Jacob’s Journey while he lives his life to the fullest riding around in his wheelchair.

As of September 2021 Tracy became a member of the Marshfield Clinic Health System’s Parent and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Feedback is a great way for one to gain incite on how to be better as a whole. the PFAC allows parents to provide the information that the medical system will use to better engage with patient’s and their family members in the future. For more information please click on the external link.


“If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.”

Dolly Parton

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