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 Nov 11 2021  20 mins: “He had an infectious positivity that I want to share with the world.”

In this episode, Allison interviews Tracy Felix. Tracy is the author of “ Introducing Jacob,” a story she wrote about her son who was diagnosed with L1CAM and many other complex medical issues. She wrote the book with her son as the hero so he could read a book with a child in a wheelchair as the hero. Tracy shares her personal story about the ups and downs of life and how she’s found her true calling’ writing and bringing awareness to the challenges that her son faced and letting others know they are not alone.

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Visit the Sept/Oct issue of Parenting Special Needs Magazine for the spotlight of Jacobs Journey!

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Rising Above Ministries Podcast- Episode 080: Tracy Felix- Love & Loss-September 7, 2021

Tracy on Facebook live with Rick Ornelas


Marshfield News-Herald

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