Christmas Mouse

Christmas ornament mouse in a wheelchair
Christmas ornament mouse in a wheelchair
Christmas mouse in a wheelchair

Holiday traditions

Christmas hasn’t been the same in our house for 2 years now but we are keeping traditions going. Every year we get each child an ornament for them to keep and hang on their own tree when they get older. Some years they have helped make their own and others are store bought.

To: The best Siblings

Our special needs son was OBSESESSED with a toy turtle and loved it so much that we had 3, just in case one broke. Since he has passed away we see turtles every where. So naturally, our first Christmas without him, we got our other kids a turtle ornament. We wrote on it ” To: The best sibling From: Brother”

From: Brother

This year, Target had a great selection of characters in wheelchairs! Some where animals and some looked like people. We got a few of each. It was the first gift that was opened and this also said “From: Brother”

I have a feeling this will become the new tradition and I hope the kids remember how much they meant to their brother. He loved them so much and is always looking out for them.

Chime in and share

Do you have any holiday traditions? If you have loved ones that are not with you any more, how do you honor them?

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