Beautiful and Breakable

A dangerous storm

In those early weeks of winter the temperature is just right for it to rain and then freeze when it hits the ground or trees. The roads become very slick and sometimes school is cancelled. The people who still have to go out do so with a slow foot and try to be extra cautious.

This particular storm caused a few accidents and lots of tree branches to fall. People lost power for hours or days because the ice was so thick. After it rained for about 24 hours the temperature dropped and it started to snow. This only made things worse. Crews worked hard to clear the roads and restore power but what really helped was when the sun came out.

Beauty after the storm

After a few days of clean up and sunshine the landscape became so beautiful! The snow was still deep and the ice was still thick on the trees but I couldn’t help but feel like I had just walked through the wardrobe into Narnia. Tree branches were either broken or hanging so low they touched the ground and they all looked like glass. They shimmered in the sun and were mesmerizing.

Nature has a way of reminding us about ourselves

At one point I was taking pictures and needed to get so close to the trees. As I stood next to it the world became quite and I could hear the branches cracking from the weight of the ice. It reminded me of myself and the rest of humanity. At one point or another in our lives we all can become shinny and sparkle in the light while others stand back in awe while looking at our beauty. But if those people get close enough to us they can hear/see us cracking under the weight of life. They stand back and are unable to help us. They can’t take the burden or heaviness away from us. They know that only the sun can do that.

I felt like that after our son passed away.

Over time the sun came out, the temperature started to rise and the ice eventually went away. The trees mostly sprung back to their original shape and are now ready for the next storm. This also reminded me of humanity. Our burdens eventually lift. The weight lessens. We return to our “almost” original form. Sometimes a few things fall off but we are ready for the next storm to come. The young are more flexible and ready for the next round a bit quicker. The weak or old don’t always make it. But if the roots are strong then the whole tree, or person, will make it through. They will see another storm but they will be ready.

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