Jacob is based on our son

Did you know that Jacob is based on our son? It makes writing his story into books pretty easy. We have lots of memories (and pictures) to pick from.

In book number 2 we learn what it takes to get ready for an adventure but never find out where Jacob goes. One of his favorite places was our barn. This video is just proof that Barns are fun places

He also liked bumpy roads, getting pushed on gravel driveways and getting tickled. What are some places or things your enjoy? I would love to hear about them. Book number 3 is already in the works and the story line is being worked on. In that book we will learn about some of the adventures that Jacob likes to go on now that he is ready.

You're off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so... get on your way! - Dr Seuss

Most of the time I smile when I think of him but sometimes I can’t hold it together. Grief is funny like that. If you are grieving, or know someone who is, just know that their tears are ok and to let them flow when they may. It truly does help with the process. You don’t need to do anything but sit with them. On my hard days I watch videos or look at pictures. I am thankful that I am living in an age where we have the technology to take pictures and video so easily. And I remember when our son is now. Free from pain and running with the angels. That usually puts a smile on my face again, even if the tears are still on my cheeks.

There has been great healing for me that has come from a group of other special need moms who’s child passed away too. We met online, use zoom and an app called Marco Polo to stay in touch and will be meeting in-person for the first time very soon! We will be heading to Danbury, WI to a place called Faiths Lodge where we will spend 4 days connecting with each other and a few others. I am sure we will laugh, cry and walk away feeling less alone then we did before. This really is one of those blessing that come out of the heartache. I would not be where I am today if I wouldn’t have meet these girls. Healing only come through community. I have started writing/blogging to connect with others so if you are grieving, or know someone that is, would you message me or share this with them?

During this season of back-to-back holidays please know that those of that are grieving are trying to be happy. Some times for you. Some times for us. Other times for our family. Sometimes we really are happy and joyful. Be kind. Show grace and compassion. Sometimes just knowing that we are not alone is enough.

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