Gift Ideas

Whether you have a disabled child or or trying to make your home more diverse for a typical child these gifts will be sure to please. Everything from books and toys to clothing and decor, You will be sure to find something!

Boring stuff for grown-ups

The able fables

Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor

Adaptive clothing

Jacobs Journey grown-up group on Facebook

Embracing this special life by Jenn Soehnlin

Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Jacob’s Journey Resource page has more ideas too

Real foods blends for tube fed people that want real food

Cool stuff for kids

No such thing as normal by Megan Dejarnett

Ten little fingers by Sarah Dellow

Can Bears Ski? by Raymond Antrobus

We want to go to school! by Maryann Cocca

Kindness makes us strong by Sophie Beer

Jacobs Journey kids group on Facebook

There is a galaxy in my hot chocolate by Jennifer Bardsley

Ultimate Amazon Special Needs Shop

Alley: I have Albinism by Alethea Allen

Bedtime, Sleep time, Nighttime, Dream time by Krystle Boateng

Beth’s Umbrella by Kristin Faith Evans & Josiah Evans

Brody the lion Meets Doc by Kristin Wegner

Fanny Crosby: The girl who couldn’t see by Laura Caputo

Hacking the code by Gea Meijering

Owen the Wonderer by Amanda Owen

You are enough by Margaret O’Hair and Sofia Sanchez

Roxy and Maliboo by Hilary Sussman

Monkeys that stole a bus by Alfie Dormand

Grief support

For kids

Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Tear Soup by Pat Schwiebert

For gown-ups

Therefore I have hope by Cameron Cole

Diverse holiday gift guide

I hope you have gotten some ideas for people on your list. What would you add? If you have any other great gift ideas I would love to add them to this list. Let’s double this list for next year!!!

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